Anchor Flanges

The ANCHOR FORGING is designed for immobilization of high pressure pipe lines.

The EXPANDER FLANGE is a one-piece combination reducer and welding neck flange designed expressly for effecting pipe size increases at flanged connections to pumps, valves, compressors and other equipment. It provides a more compact, more efficient and frequently a more economical means than is permitted by the conventional two-piece combination of a concentric reducer and welding neck flange.

The SWIVEL RING FLANGE is of two piece construction consisting of a heavy forged ring that serves as a mating flange to a Weld Neck or other flange. It has retaining bars welded to the hub to hold the rin in position.

The VENTURI EXPANDER FLANGE is a one-piece forged integral flange and Venturi cone. It has all the advantages of the Tube Turns regular Expander Flanges plus the advantage of a controlled angle of reduction (15o maximum) on the inside of the optimum flow.